Bible Fellowships are small groups on Sunday which enjoy some of the same elements of our larger church family experience.  Worship, Growing, Serving and Sending opportunities are the catalyst to becoming Jesus’ disciples. 

They also offer numerous connecting points for guests and members as you explore similar life stages with others.  Being a part of a Bible Fellowship group is a healthy way to experience rich friendships, life-changing Bible study and meaningful ways to serve one another and the church as you become a disciple of Christ. 


Parents of Elementary Children (Mike & Bizzy Hudec, Room 101):

       Growing families need Biblical solutions to life's changing demands. Mike & Bizzy  have the experience parents need in applying God's Word in those developing foundational years. Join this caring group of friends and discover a fresh side of community.


Parents of Teens and Mature Singles (Ted & Pat Howe, Room 102):

       "Are you ready for some changes?" Parents with teenagers need quick, lasting answers to challenges in raising kids in the teenage years. God's word in a relevant setting provides for lively discussion for busy parents. Making God, family, work, and leisure fit in our schedules doesn't happen by chance. Join other parents and singles and see how the Christian life is the cement that keeps families together.


Ladies (Camille Minor, Room 104):

       Add some stability to your changing life through a fresh discovery of God's truths Join this class and see why friends and community are indispensable in living the Christian  life.  Fellowship here happens every Sunday! Come be a part of our family.


Empty Nesters (Doug Moore, Bowling Alley-Family Life Center):

        As the kids are going to college, moving out or getting married, the "nest" takes on a different appearance. Close friends are really important at this time of our lives. God's Word anchored us to the relationships that helped us through the growing years and now His Word provides new friends to help us discover fresh areas of service and insight. 


Mature Adults (Ken & Sandy Chatfield, Room 103): 

        When we get to the midpoint of our life it is time to sharpen our tools and get going!  God made us for a purpose and seasons in life are fresh opportunities to serve. We are challenged in this class to act on God's word. Intense love for God's word pushes us to new levels of cooperation and joy. Join us for the adventure God fashioned us to live.


 Mature Adults (Nelda Magruder, Room 106):

  Fellowship doesn't get much better than when you attend this class. Nelda and other leaders in the class draw out the wisdom that is in God's word. God's truths are applied lavishly in the many opportunities of servanthood the class takes on.


Mature Men (Forrest Watson, Room 118): 

  "Rightly dividing the Word of truth" would describe this class. Join this class to discover the freshness and usefulness of God's Word. Whether you're new to God's Word or a seasoned veteran, you'll be welcomed and promptly introduced to "The Book", the Bible.


Mature Ladies (Kathy Green, Room 120):

  "Pray without ceasing" is practiced in this class. Join a group of some wonderful prayers who along with others, pray for children and grandchildren on a regular basis. You may find the latest quilt being displayed prior to class, but this is a fitting symbol of the patchwork of lives represented each Sunday morning.




Anderson Mill Baptist Church offers these classes on Sunday mornings at 9:00am


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