The location & parking.

We're located at the corner of Lake Creek Parkway and Millwright in Austin. To come in through the Main Entrance, you can park in  the lot across from the apartments on Millwright. There is designated parking for visitors and people with disabilities.


What kind of people will I find? 

AMBC is filled with families and individuals who are outgoing, loving,  and accepting. Wherever you are in life, whatever your background, whatever your struggles, we're here to support you in taking the next step in your relationship with God. From the youngest babies up to our senior adults, there is a place for you.We encourage you to come and worship with, experience the atmosphere the we provide. We are here to serve God and each other. Just as Jesus told us to, "come unto Him." We invite you to meet our diverse group of worshippers, you will feel right at home.


What does a typical worship service look like?

Is this your first time visiting? Never been to a Baptist church before?  Don't worry - there are no unspoken expectations for you during the service. We promise we won't embarrass you by making you stand (identifying you as a "visitor") or pressuring you to join our church. Come as you are and check us out - no strings attached.Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:15am and you can  expect it to last around an hour and fifteen minutes. We typically kick it off with a time of contemporary worship (complete with a full band). We live in a world where a line has been drawn between contemporary and traditional worship and you belong to either one camp or another. While the majority of our worship would be classified as contemporary (Passion, Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, DavidCrowder, Charlie Hall, etc) we still love the theological depth and poetic beauty contained in the classic hymns most of us grew up with. So from time to time we’ll pull one of those classics out and sing it with a modern twist. Our pastor, Rod Minor, brings a relevant message and teaches us how to apply Biblical truths to our lives. We use the last few minutes of our service as a time of prayer, reflection, and invitation.


What is available for my children?

We have programs available for children from birth through 12th  grade, both on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Even down to the babies, we seek to provide a place to train up children to know Jesus personally, grow in their knowledge of Him, and learn to share Him with others. All ages meet at 9:00am Sunday mornings for the Bible Fellowship hour where they learn Biblical fundamentals in a way they can understand and enjoy.  Children birth through age five have an extended time of learning and care during the worship service at 10:15am in WeeWorship. School-age children worship alongside their parents in the regular service;  however, we do provide a kid-friendly worship guide to help them focus during the message. Click to find more information on our preschoolchildren's, and student ministry.


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